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There is also a chamber orchestra accompaniment score and parts available on hire.

Together with Who is Sylvia? Duration approx 2'00". North American folk song arr. It has since proved to be equally popular here in the UK. Opportunities to display the whole dynamic range of a choir as well as demanding great blend and control, and provides conductors with the chance to really mould each performance. Plenty of rhythmic interest and a well-written piano part.

Duration approx, 2'45". Not too difficult either for the voices or the accompanist. Choral leaflet. This work may be sung as one continuous piece, or individual songs each of which, are complete can easily be extracted. Great rhythmic and melodic interest in all parts. Duration approx: 25 minutes Orchestral accompaniment available for hire - see Orchestral Music on Hire. The opening verse is in unison and can be sung by a soloist or small group. Verses 2 and 3 are in 3 parts and the final verse has a glorious descant using the word Alleluia. The piece is beautifully written for upper voices, with a straight-forward but supportive piano accompaniment.

The piano part is of moderate difficulty. Very suitable for youth and adult choirs. A slower, reflective piece which requires sustained singing, though the phrase lengths are not over-long. A well written piano part of moderate difficulty. You have managed to create different atmospheres and the vocal lines are an absolute pleasure to sing. My choir love it! You have made me so happy with this fantastic piece. The vocal range lies comfortably for all voices and most upper voice choirs will find the carol readily singable with a minimum of rehearsal time needed. A charming addition to Christmas repertoire.

The keyboard part of moderate difficulty. Arranged for Douglas Coombes' own women's choir, these wonderfully atmospheric pieces, call for legato singing, great intensity and a good command of dynamics. Would suit secondary female choirs and adults. This is a very singable work and will not be too demanding of rehearsal time. Offers something different for Christmas programmes and is ideal material from young singers through to adults.

A highly effective treatment for upper voices with a real gospel feel. Some rhythmic challenges and shifts of key all add to the interest and excitement of this arrangement. The piece offers some rhythmic challenges but also calls for very expressive singing and dynamic control.

The words are all about the old custom of going from house to house asking for food or a little money in return for blessings on the household for the coming NewYear. Each of the arrangements also contains an optional descant in the final verse.

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A highly lyrical piece with rhythmic under-pinning in the piano part, which is of moderate difficulty. English Sea Shanty, arr. This is a piece for making your audience say 'wow'. It contains a number of interesting choral effects as well as the odd 'hiccup' and 'finger pop in the mouth'. Great fun with lots of reward for mastering the tricky moments. Some subdivision within each part. A must if your choir wants to strut its stuff.

Together with Shall I compare thee to a Summer's Day? Items: , Value:. SA with descant. Piano accompaniment.. Come you not from Newcastle? Rossini ed.

Missa Pro Civitate Kortrijk Sheet Music by Douglas Coombes

Douglas Coombes Miaow in 2 parts. Great fun. Piano accompaniment. Canon is used to great effect. Suitable for any equal voice combination - upper juniors and upwards including adults. English folksong, arr. Well-written vocal lines with changes of mood, requiring agility and versatility, yet never destroying the essence of the folksong.


Occasional division within parts.. Ideal for upper juniors through to adults.. Words John Emlyn Edwards, arr. Douglas Coombes 10 Folksongs from around the world in 2 parts with chord symbols. The melody is written in an up-to-date style and has great tenderness, reverence and beauty. It will quickly become a favourite with singers and audiences. SSA with piano part also suitable for electronic keyboard is of moderate difficulty.

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Suitable for church or festival Moderate difficulty - tuneful.. Psalm [Maia Canticle No.

Commissioned by Maia Choirs, Stockport. Psalm 24 [Maia Canticle No. Effective as an individual item for church, concert or festival use. West Indian carol, arr. Douglas Coombes SSA with piano accompaniment. A delightful arrangement which makes the most of the rhythmic impetus of the melody, bright and swinging.

Douglas Coombes

Super for Christmas concerts. Occasional subdivision of parts.. Sing Around the World. Each song has a proper introduction and coda, so it is also a ready-made concert item resource. Each song is effective performed in unison only, but the optional 2nd part adds an extra dimension when forces permit. It has all the hallmarks of Douglas Coombes' music - plenty of rhythmic interest, coupled with singable and memorable melody.

Sam is a drifter who has finally decided to see where his mother grew up and was ejected from by her father. Sam hates small towns for good reasons. The sexual attraction is immediate and intense.

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Sam has his own issues to deal with and he does with the help of Andrea and some of the other great characters from Arcadia.