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Italian 'king of cocaine' mob boss Morabito flees Uruguayan prison | The Japan Times

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“We’ve got a gig Mafia now”: What a mob boss’s murder tells us

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Latin America. Creole voanouvel. Cali is the first high-ranking mobster to be "taken out" in New York City since John Gotti ordered the murder of then-Gambino boss Paul Castellano in at Sparks steakhouse.

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It's been reported the gunman fired "six or seven" shots but it is not yet known how many hit Cali. Family members were seen rushing into the street and sitting crying next to the mobster's lifeless body.

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One man reportedly collapsed crying: "Papa! The shooting took place in the affluent Todt Hill neighbourhood which is well known for its crime connections.

It was used as the location for fictional crime boss Don Corleone's compound in the film 'The Godfather' and Paul Castellano once owned a home there. However, cops are not surprisingly hugely concerned the hit on Cali could shatter three decades of virtual peace between the families. And the shooting comes as New York has experienced a resurgence in mob activity in recent months. The mobster's son Salvatore miraculously survived an attempt on his life just three months earlier when he was shot multiple times and left for dead.

He was the head of one of the five Italian families which run New York's criminal network - just like fictional mobster Tony Soprano.

The Genovese, Gambino, Lucchese, Colombo and Bonanno mafia families are believed to have controlled organised crime in New York for decades.