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It's time to go to Rose Town. He asks Mario to play with him. Gaz the little kid will bring out a new doll Geno and he'll end up knocking Mario out with it. While Mario is sleeping, a star will enter the room and bring the Geno doll to life. Geno will then leave.

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Exit the Inn and then re-enter. Talk to the Innkeeper and she'll let you stay for free. When you wake up, Toad will be there. Talk to the people outside the Inn and work your way over to the Item Shop.

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Instead of entering through the door, climb up the crates and use the chimney enter it just like you would enter a pipe. Get the chest then go over to the other corner of the same wall. Jump to reveal a hidden chest 5. Now do your shopping the shopkeeper with the blue hat sells items, and the one in pink sells armor and accessories. Do so, and enter the house. Go upstairs and jump on the bed to reveal and get the 6th hidden chest. Now hop on the switch and go back outside. Stairs have appeared allowing the guy to get to his house. He tells you a secret that you can use later if you tell him the truth about his treasures keep talking to him if you give the wrong response.

Go behind the guy's house and examine it while walking downwards to find the second secret advisor which isn't really as helpful as the first. Go behind the house to the right of the stairs and you'll find someone who tells you about two kinds of mushrooms this isn't really a secret advisor because she sometimes leaves her cover behind the house and gets hit by an arrow. Now exit the town and go to the Forest Maze. You'll also find Wigglers in this forest. Hop on their backs to get a coin. Then go to the 2nd section.

Use the tree stump like a pipe when you're ready.

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Then go on to the next section. Enter the stump on the far right. It is in the center of the biggest light spot just jump up to reveal it.

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Then use the spring to get back out. Go down the left stump in the 2nd row from the bottom. Unfortunately, the chest is empty. Return to the area with 7 stumps and enter the leftmost one. Jump up right behind the Wiggler to reveal hidden chest Then hop on the Wiggler's back. You'll end up back in the section with 7 stumps, but you can now go on to the next section through the newly opened path. The sleeping Wiggler is here now and he's sleeping like a baby and won't wake up for anything. Go to the end of the path and go on to the next section.

Before going into the maze, go below the exit of this section and jump to reveal the 12th hidden chest. The directions you take are meant for the way Mario is facing when he enters each section. First, go to Mario's left top left exit.

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Now go to Mario's left again bottom left exit. Go straight bottom left exit. And finally, go to Mario's right top left exit. These contents may be different depending on what order you collect the chests. Now return to the maze and use the bottom left exit to return to the spot where the save block is. Geno will lead you to Bowyer who you'll have to fight, but you'll have Geno on your team by then. After defeating Bowyer, Geno will explain about the Star Road. You'll then get the 2nd Star Piece.

Now use the exit on the left side to get back to the world map.

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Return to Rose Town. Exit the Inn, then re-enter. Talk to the Innkeeper and stay the night. When you wake up, look who's in the other bed. It's Link from the Zelda games! He won't say anything or do anything, but if you try to talk to him it'll play a tune from the original Zelda the one that plays when you find something secret. Outside, the one who told you about the mushrooms is to the right of the wooden "Welcome" sign in the shape of a flower.

Check with the secret advisor and he'll tell you how to get to Yo'ster Isle. Now exit the town and go to the Pipe Vault. You just have to jump from stone to stone to get to the other side. If you hit the fireballs you'll have to fight Sparky. Fall in the lava and you'll end up at the beginning and will have to jump the stones again. The 1st will take you back the way you came. The 2nd and 4th will take you to a treasure room of sorts. The 5th will take you to the Goomba thumping game. And the 6th pipe will take you to next section. Take the 2nd pipe first. Then back up so that you're in front of the ledge. Jump to reveal a hidden block. Use it to get on top of the ledge. The top is divided into squares.

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Jump at the 4th square to reveal hidden chest 13, then jump again at square 8 to reveal hidden chest Back up until you're on the lower floor. When you're about to hit the wall, press down to duck under the wall and get the coin. Use the spring to get back up to the room with 6 pipes you'll come out of pipe 4. For 10 coins you can play the Goomba thumping game. Stomp as many Goombas as you can in 30 seconds. The easiest way I've found is to stand on one pipe and jump if a Goomba appears either stand still or jump to a different pipe if a Spikey appears.