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Determined for his touch, but not to let him under her skin, Olivia embarks on the most thrilling ride of her life. The story begins with Olivia finally kicking her loser, cheating long time boyfriend to the curb. She decides to swear of men but it doesn't last long.

Consumed (The MMA Romance Series - Book #1)

She goes to her dad's gym and finds herself suddenly enthralled by a man oozing sex appeal. This man is a hot MMA fighter working his way towards becoming pro. They have insta attraction but Seth makes it known from the beginning that he doesn't do relationships. However, he is drawn to this sweet good girl and can't stay away. Seth is still hesitant to commit to Olivia but you watch his feelings gradually start changing.

I loved the sexy times and the fight scenes. You can't help but fall in love with him.


I would have liked to learn more about his dark past. Perhaps that will be explored further in the sequel. It was relatively low on the angst which was appreciated. Instead the focus was on Seth and Olivia's relationship growing into something beautiful in the midst of change, heart-ache and tragedy. I'm looking forward to the next book once Audible makes it available. I was this close snap finger from stopping this book and calling it quits right around chapter BUT I am so glad I didn't This was an unexpected awesome book! This story started out so teenager y I wasn't sure if I got this from the romance section or not Gush, Gush Then the the bar fight This story changed pace so quickly, I almost had whiplash Seth was soooo I loved it With his family drama, then OMG I was shocked So many emotions Great, Great book I try not to buy anything over 10 bucks Love me some fighter boys Narration was great Totally consumed me!!!

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What did you love best about Consumed? The story line was great. I am going to read now and I'm betting I will enjoy much better. Who was your favorite character and why? Not one. How did the narrator detract from the book? EM Eldridge, did not put her soul into this book.

Consumed (Audiobook) by J. R. Ward |

She did not keep my interest at all. She reads so fast it seamed like is was on high speed and very monatoned. No expression at all. I will not listen to another book she narrates. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? Hard to tell. Any additional comments?

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I think we should be able to get a sample of the book just to hear the narrator. Would you listen to Consumed again? I would love to listen to this book again.

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The characters were fun, interesting and sizzled! I loved the interaction between Olivia and Seth. What was one of the most memorable moments of Consumed? I loved the way that Seth's character slowly opened up to Olivia. The way that she was able to prove to him that he was a wonderful guy and truly gave more then he ever expected to get back. Loved it! She made the characters come to life! Definitely, it's always good for the nice girl to get the gorgeous alpha male MMA fighter!!! Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Yes I did.

It's worth the lost sleep. Girl has long term boyfriend who consistently cheated on her she finds a sexy MMA fighter for the rebound but it turns into love.

Consumed by David Cronenberg - Book Circle Online Discussion

Everywoman's dream!!!!!!! This book was so poorly written I couldn't believe it was not by a high school student with suffering grades in English and writing. What a waist of time! The conversations were juvenile and the story offered absolutely nothing.

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The romance was built almost immediately and was astoundingly underdeveloped. Story was so badly written that I neither saw the reason behind the draw and attraction between the characters nor why she had a calming effect on the hero. Then I guess as readers we have to assume it was completely based on looks. So if that is the reason, then the love that developed so quickly between a woman with extremely low self esteem and a guy responsible for so many female wet dreams was not a likely connection in real life and therefore nothing we can relate to.

Overall if you purchase this book, you are wasting your credit completely. Save yourself the aggravation and move on to something better. What was the most interesting aspect of this story? The least interesting?

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I thought the story was pretty good but very predictable so far. Hurried, rushed, okay. Was Consumed worth the listening time? The storyline was, thus far, very predictable. I am hoping that the final books are better and that if Em Eldridge narrates that she slows down a bit. The changes in voices for the varied characters were pretty good and she did the male voice better than most female narrators. That said, she sounded as if she was late for an appointment or afraid of loosing a bet for how quickly she could narrate this book.

I have become discouraged with Audible's lack of attention to this problem as there are several books that I have purchased that are part of a trilogy on the good faith that Audible will provide all of the books only to find that is not the case. Probably not for a while. This writer seems like she's still getting her footing. Also, the book was supposed to take place in the U. We don't have lounge rooms, we have family or living room. We don't park our cars in car parks, but parking lots.

What's more, the MMA fighter spoke like he was an English professor - might want to try using a contraction or two The banter between the two girls was great, but really fell short on the male to female dialogue.