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General Insurance Corporation of India. Precious Metal. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Uma Nair. To indicate the ideal proportion, to reveal sculptural mass and the dominating spirit is my goal. Her Torso is perhaps the most celebrated and venerated nude which has been the subject of several studies and has been the inspiration for shutterbugs to prime and preen the proportions of fleshy intonations within and without the interventions of the studio and light. The close up makes the woman seem pressed toward us and the picture plane: foreshortening pushes and pulls her shape like taffy, thrusting legs forward, torso built into a single composite form.

To raise, to elevate, and to endorse with timeless reverence the image of woman has been my mission. Her images of a crouching nude are a clear cut and clean take. It makes the figure into a virtual cutout.

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Or the body is there, but barely, so that the bleached flesh contrasts with the satin-smooth darkness, creating a counterpoint of texture. You notice no blemishes and wrinkles in the paper, the way you see flopping bellies and breasts. I want the nudes in my photographs to be like sculptures, an abstraction of the body, of the physical. Light is my inspiration, my paint and brush. It is as vital as the model herself. Profoundly significant, it caresses the essential superlative curves and lines. Much is inevitably made of the male gaze and female nakedness.

Using the character of Adarsh Balak—the ubiquitous boy in a blue shirt and indigo shorts common to educational posters on moral science, hygiene and other subjects—he drew him sitting and rolling a joint.


The series centred around the boy indulging in activities that were decidedly non-ideal, thus offering an incisive critique of socio-cultural expectations. He, however, sells the original hand-painted works on handmade paper through galleries and digital prints, online—recently, Trivedi began using oil paint for this series.

So I want to keep my art affordable. Parag Sonarghare was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra, and trained as a painter at the Government Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya before graduating in art history from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in His oeuvre is an amalgamation of performance and canvas, and defies easy categorization. In his newer works, he has moved away from himself but retained his focus on the body. On 7 December last year, Shweta Bhattad wore a pure white sari, got into a coffin with an exhaust fan fitted and buried herself for 3 hours in Paris to draw attention to the plight of farmers in India.

Her project, I Have A Dream, explored fast-diminishing farming land, not only in India, but also globally. Now she hopes to create sustainable public toilets in rural India: Her first solo exhibition at Gallery Latitude, Delhi, in had a separate section on the problems women in India face when they have to defecate in the open. A great deal of her art is rooted in agrarian communities.

This is no superficial posturing and her commitment can be seen in her land art projects as well as her engagement with rural communities. A student of interior design, her understanding of space came early. However, she also believes that training is not crucial to this understanding. I have learnt more from him," she says. Her work has a disruptive quality, challenging the ways of the market and deceiving the audience. Rohini Devasher is one of the more prolific contemporary artists in India today, and also much celebrated—she has won the Inlaks Fine Arts Award twice in a row , , received the Sarai Associate Fellowship, and won the Art India Skoda Breakthrough Artist award.

Devasher explores the overlaps between science, biology, technology and the Internet.

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Besides video, Devasher also works on large-scale wall drawings, text, prints, found objects and works on paper. The artist makes little distinction between method and material. Soon after his training in fine arts from the Vasai Vikasini College of Visual Arts followed by a postgraduate diploma in Indian aesthetics from Mumbai University , Morey started off as a formalist painter—from self-portraits on large canvases, he started working on paintings related to his immediate world, from the ceiling fan to the corner of his studio, to the play of colours on the floor.

Along with photographic documentation, he developed his visual language through the architectural element in his drawings and engravings, which sell upwards of Rs50, They will resonate with every resident of an urban sprawl. They show staged scenarios within an old freezer—against the ice building up are everyday objects, pressure-cooker whistles in one, a lighter in another.

The title of the show itself was derived from a graphic novel from the s, which deals with the fear of the atom bomb. It was like watching two little boys fighting, each propagating their own ideology," says Potnis.

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Mumbai-based Manish Nai has had a hectic past few years. When we last met him at the opening of his show at Studio-X in , he was preparing for the second edition of the Kochi biennale, as well as a solo show at Galerie Karsten Greve in St Moritz, Switzerland. On 10 December his works were part of an exhibition curated by Girish Shahane, at a collateral event of the ongoing Kochi biennale. Around , Nai also began to take photographs of empty billboards, half-torn down, while travelling.

His recent works showcase close-cropped versions of these billboards. His abiding concerns and experiments with humble materials and unusual media and with process expand the possibilities of art rather than revolt against its basic conventions—an attitude which places his work in relation to the artists of the Arte Povera movement. Waqif says one of his aims is to bridge the gap between modern and vernacular practice with his work, from those based on his research on water-harvesting techniques in the pre-colonial era, to sustainability.

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Recent works make use of reclaimed material, from construction sites as well as trash found on site. With works that allow viewer experience to be enhanced through their interaction with it, Waqif also attempts to stir debate on questions of accessibility of art, from its commercial value to the idea of simply touching artworks.

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  • Most of his works, especially site-specific ones, are not designed to sell, says Waqif. The camera itself is now an important medium for him. In video and performance works, he explores the idea of crisis. Mohanty has since stopped portraiture, bored by the demands to stick to a tried and tested structure. His recent visit to Fukushima in Japan led him to document the radiation zone; he is now creating docu-fiction videos on the idea of victimhood.

    The straight line continued to remain the material with which she later started to explore architectural spaces and how our bodies understand them. The final section on the reverence young artists held for Renoir after is one of the show's great merits. A clunker by Picasso, Two Reclining Nudes , makes no sense. It is possible to make too much of Renoir's role in Picasso's development. The Centre Pompidou's recent show on Cubism demonstrates that by , Picasso had spliced and diced the figure as much as he could while still retaining a recognisable figure.

    He seemed ready to move on to new things, much as Renoir did in the s.

    Renoir was one catalyst but the First World War had shattered the avant-garde market in Paris. In my opinion, Picasso's own classicism at this time owed as much to a more conservative thrust in market taste as it did to his exposure to Renoir. Some are in the show but most are not.

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    Temporary exhibition galleries really should be close to the permanent collection. What is the point of a travelling show if it does not fully complement or contextualise the things a museum owns? People looking for a hike have access to ample trails on the Clark's pristine hills. They need not expect a long march indoors to apply the good thinking in the Renoir show to the Clark's much-loved objects.

    The Clark's big summer shows have been spotty affairs in the last few years, with so-so treasures shows from other collections and one or two trendy interventions that stumbled if not bombed. For years, the museum was known for shows of exceptional beauty, intelligence and broad accessibility. It was said the Clark bridged the gap between serious scholarship and the public's understanding of art.