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This is a very deep believe in God, a deep immanent attachment with the divine. I agree with Amos Paulne. In the world we seem to hear and see a lot of lies and deception everywhere we turn but the mind is powerful indeed. Everyone on the planet is going through changes and I feel Leonard Cohen is no different than the rest of us. We go through things that make no sense what-so-ever at times.

I believe God is in control at all times and will never allow us to think, say or do anything that will ever keep our spirits from the Love He alone Created. I have both kinds of thoughts in this experience. When I became aware of my thoughts, I choosing to have the thoughts of Love.

Thank you for sharing and allowing me to share as well. I wish you happiness! I feel the way Pauline does. He starts out talking about writing a kind of religious song, then in Antwerp, Belgium in he talks of him originally writing a song with words from the Bible and more recently rewriting it as a secular hallelujah. So that seems to me that towards the end of his life he was looking at life more through the lenses of the Eastern mystics rather than through the teachings of the Bible.

Thank you for your comment. Satan quoted Scripture and understands it better than any human. Hallelujah is praise directed at Yahweh, who has revealed himself to us in His Word. Using the word hallelujah without directing our praise to him is a misuse of that word even if its familiarity and inherent truth draws in a wider audience. Thank you Rosemarie for posting that. I too have been conflicted by this song. I choose to love it and believe part of the meaning is to come out of trials still intact in our beliefs.

I have never heard that before. May your journey be safe and end in glory!!! Interesting way to look at this. Nothing can be farther from what I see. For me it is someone seeking understanding of a struggle and it has nothing to do with a god or satan. Cohen describes his search. The music is the same but I see no connection to the great lyrics that Leonard wrote.

I believe it is referring to Sampson and Delilah in the Bible of her taken his strength away by cutting his hair.

All the Pretty Things, My Broken Hallelujah

He loved and trusted her and she deceived him. Like you love someone and they destroy your trust!!! Another thing that comes to my mind is whether or not he allowed her to do that and why. Only he knew the reason. Just my two cents. This song is not for an year old. The references are strongly to sex and deception and perhaps the conflict holy men have felt in their passion for women and their passion for God. Similar conflict with the passion of Sampson and Delilah. He is relating the Hallelulah praise to God with the deep passion of sex.

This is not a religious song. It is a sex song. A deeply compelling and beautiful song for having sex to, albeit with sad undertones. Not a song in praise of God. May God receive his soul with his light and forgiveness. Hallelujah is absolutely a sex song — not ethereal or romantic, but gritty and graphic.

What is the song “Hallelujah” all about?

I know cohen and his songs since 38 years ago. I see that cohen is honest with people who listen to his words. I love this song ans I have listened this song more than hundred times although as a muslim not agreed with bible story about David. Blessed are those who have heard her sing it live.

Leonard Cohen was Jewish, the grandson of a Talmudic scholar, and a deeply spiritual man who never stopped searching. He spent several years studying Zen. Cohen was one of many thoughtful artists who have recognized the tangled connections between sex, death, and spirituality. I wonder if he prayed before he wrote it. Like you say…. So many levels to this song! My take — The singer hints at his own broken romance, once exciting and strong, now crumbling in the dust. There seem to be several types of Hallelujahs.

Second — David sees the bathing beauty good point about her bathing on the roof! When he gave in to his temptation and seduced her, she became his.

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A new kind of Hallelujah was height of their sexual illicit union. David reached his lustful goal. Their child had to die as punishment. He understands.

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  • Cutting the hair refers to Samson losing his closeness to God also because of a woman. He dies violently but destroying the enemy. Both men lost something of themselves in their romances. But we see how this changes people.

    A Broken Hallelujah: The Making of a Christian Brother - Lorcan Leavy - Google книги

    Even in their sexual good times there was darkness. BUT good news is these men came back to do the right thing for God. God loved David as before. He was truly humbled and changed forever. Fourth — Humbled Hallelujah. He knows this is common to many people.

    After the loss or brokenness he can finally see clearly. A little sadly he says Hallelujah. Ultimately he can survive, heal and move on. He can even thank God for it being over.

    A "Hallelujah" Christmas by Cloverton HD

    No better way to learn than thru immense loss, sorrow and pain. This song expresses it so tenderly. Just so you know in the beginning you said one of the names of God that is the only name of God Jehovah psalm the rest are just titles lord god almighty alpha omega titles Jehovah is his name!! Thank you all for your contributions to my understanding and further appreciation of this most beautiful song.

    What is the meaning of the word “Hallelujah”?

    Something mysterious in both of them and I must say I have heard many interpretations of both. Then-the lyrics! Listening to it many times, I have found it sometimes to be about his relationship with a woman and other times I hear as a religious proclamation of sorts.

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    The music just sort of cleanses the soul! It transcends religion.